What is Voice over IP?

What is Voice over IP?
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Voice over IP, or VoIP, is short for Voice over Internet Protocol and refers to the transmission of voice traffic over an internet connection. Traditional telephony, known as the Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN for short, works through physical phone lines, cable systems and networks and allows users to make landline and cellular telephone calls. IP Telephony PBX PBA Doha Qatar however is much more versatile and enables voice, data and video to be transmitted to a variety of devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets and IP phones at a much lower cost.
Initial VoIP service providers offer solutions that mirror the architecture of the legacy telephone network. Second and third generation providers have either built closed networks for private user bases offering free calls, or have completely departed from the legacy telephone network architecture. VoIP solutions allow a dynamic interaction between users on any two domains on the Internet when a user wishes to place a call. To place calls via VoIP, a user will need a software based SIP phone program OR a hardware based VoIP phone. Phone calls can be made to anywhere and to anyone: Both to VoIP numbers as well as PSTN phone numbers.
There are a variety of applications and VoIP phone systems that utilize Voice over IP to offer full featured business communications solutions as well as internet telephony for personal use. Examples of such products include 3CX, which offers a company communications system integrating voice, video, chat and more. Most modern device manufacturers, like Apple, have integrated native IP apps into their smartphones, such as Apple FaceTime which provides call and video functionality.

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