What Is VoIP & Why Is It So Popular?

What Is VoIP & Why Is It So Popular?
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So what is VoIP? Itís an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, or Voice over IP. It is a type of Internet powered telephony or Internet powered voice communication. Simply, VoIP means ëvoice service over the Internetí. VoIP today is used widely by people and businesses. Voice over IP is such a popular technology as voice calls can be made completely free and without the use of a physical telephone at all, via apps, computers / laptops, tablets or phones. So itís both cost efficient and widely available. Some familiar uses of hosted voip technology today include; Skype, WhatsApp and unified communications solutions, such as our metricVOICE offering.
Fastmetrics Hosted Voice & VoIP Service Setup Diagram
As displayed in the hosted voice diagram below, the major difference between Fastmetrics voice service and other VoIP services, is that we manage our own private voice network. This means that your voice traffic never travels on the public Internet. This has both Quality of Service (QoS) and security benefits. Our voice team has the ability to apply VoIP service to any existing phone system.
Fastmetrics hosted VoIP business phone service diagram
How Does VoIP Work?
To find out more about what VoIP actually is and how VoIP works in a business or an enterprise environment, we recommend the below video from Eli The Computer Guy. Eli takes a take deep dive into all you need to know to educate yourself on VoIP communications, requirements and hardware.

Video transcript: Hello again! As you know Iím Eli the Computer Guy over here for Everyman IT. And todayís class is Introduction to VoIP or Introduction to Voice Over IP. So Voice over IP is one of the latest and greatest and most wonderful technologies. Really, it has been around or it has been pushed out for commercial use in about the last 10 years. This class today is going to be a foundation for understanding VoIP within a business or enterprise class environment. So if all you want to do is set up some little Skype phone and talk to somebody, your neighbor a state away or your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife, this class is going to tell you much more than you need to know, to learn what is voip,just visit the link.
This class is going to be about the fundamental concepts so if you want to connect a business to Voice over IP. We are going to be talking about VoIP servers, VoIP clients, things called hard phones and soft phones. We are going to talk about gateways. We are going to talk about protocols. We are going to talk about codecs. We are going to talk about latency and quality of service and basically, the foundation concepts. So if you are looking at migrating an entire business whether theyíre five people or a thousand people to a Voice over IP system, we are going to talk about the basic concepts of what you need to know.
Introduction to VoIP
Again, if all you want to do is go out and buy some little Skype phone or download Skype, this is probably way too much for you. This is for Voice over IP in the business or enterprise class world. So give me a second. Let me get a few things together and then we are going to go into a class, Introduction to Voice over IP. So the first thing that we need to talk about is VoIP or Voice over IP servers or you may also hear them termed IP PBXs. So Voice over IP servers are the main servers that route your calls through Voice over IP phones or devices.
So we talk about in the Introduction to Telephone Class and all that where a normal phone system has a PBX. So within your building, you have a PBX, right? And from this, all your telephones, your call boxes, your auto attendants, everything goes through this PBX. So all your phones, everything go back to this. Well, the nice part is we are now dealing with a networking world. So this is for a telephone system. Now remember, when we are talking about Voice over IP, we are not talking about telephones. We are talking about data devices that transmit real-time audio communication. As we go further in this track, this is going to become more and more important. Like I say, right now you may think Iím splitting hairs between a telephone system and a data system that transmits real-time audio communication.
But when you get into legal aspects of the difference between a telephone and a data system, these are huge. Congress, local legislatures, etc have mandated a whole hell of a lot of laws about how a telephone system has to work. They havenít mandated any or very many laws on how an instant messaging system that also happens to trail and transmit real-time audio communications should work. So itís very important.
Like I say, when I keep talking about the difference between a telephone system and a data system with real-time audio communication, this really does matter and this really, really does matter in the real world like when you are dealing with businesses and enterprises. If you are just dealing like I say, with your little home phone and maybe one Skype handset in your house, probably doesnít matter. But in the business world, it really does matter.

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