What that means for business VoIP.

What that means for business VoIP.
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Due to the convenience and accessibility of internet-based calling and mobile-phone use, it makes sense that businesses are transitioning from landline calling to VOIP business phone system Doha Qatar.
As your business grows, having a phone system that aligns with customersí technology expectations is critical. It will influence their perception of your brand.
Additionally, your small business VoIP phone comes stocked with powerful features that will help your small business make a big impression. Key features include:
virtual receptionist icon
Virtual Receptionist
Your VoIP Virtual Receptionist is the gateway to your small business and allows you to:
Show customers that their calls matter.
When your dedicated receptionist canít take a call, you can program your VoIP Virtual Receptionist to take over.
Instead of hearing a busy signal or being put on hold (by your busy human receptionist), callers will listen to a message and choose an option for how theyíd like to proceed.
Create a positive call-forwarding experience.
When a customer calls your business and reaches a recording, the immediate options they hear are critical for creating a good impression and keeping them engaged with your business.
Customizing your Virtual Receptionist.
Whether a caller wants to leave a message with a specific contact or talk to someone in the sales department, you can program your Virtual Receptionist to:
Greet callers with a customized message.
Your personalized message will let callers know that theyíre in the right place and guide them on what they can do next:
ìWelcome to Best Biz Solutions. If you know your partyís extension, please dial it at any time. To speak to one of our sales associates, please press one. To speak to an operator, please press zero.î
Provide callers the most efficient forwarding route possible.
Each second counts from the time a caller hears your initial greeting to the last action they take before ending the call. You can tailor your forwarding functions to get callers where they need to be in the shortest time possible.
Ultimately, their calling experience and the feeling of ìbeing taken care ofî reflects directly on your business.
Adding Ring Groups.
Ensure that every caller has a positive experience with your automated calling system.
Using your web admin page, you can program the Virtual Receptionist Ring Groups to:
Ring simultaneously
Simultaneous Ring works well in departments where staff members are equally responsible for taking calls. When a caller needs to speak to a sales representative, all the phones in the sales department will ring.
Ring sequentially
When someone calls and the most qualified person is unavailable, the next eligible personís phone will ring. The Sequential Ring feature is ideal for the office manager who cannot be disturbed during a meeting. She can direct incoming calls to her assistant until she is free.
Once youíve set up your Virtual Receptionist, test it! Put yourself in your callerís shoes and call your business from an external number. Call several times to check all the options. Does your message sound professional and inviting? Are the option

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