Which VoIP service do we recommend?

Which VoIP service do we recommend?
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The residential VoIP provider that we recommended is AXvoice. None of the above providers can beat it when it comes to price. You just have to pay $8.25 a month for unlimited calls to USA/Canada and get more than 30 premium calling features along with it. If you don’t think you will need to make unlimited calls, then you can choose their value pack that costs $5.99 a month which gives you 200 minutes to anywhere in the USA and Canada. Sure we have a free unlimited calling option from Ooma Telo or cheaper alternatives like Skype and Google Hangouts, but they are not offering a promising set of features as AXvoice for residential use. Ooma Telo has lots of strings attached to its no monthly fee policy. Whether you like it or not, you will have to pay for the additional and hidden charges and that’s something no customer wants to deal with. When it comes to Skype and Google Hangouts, there is no emergency 911 dialing option and their customer support is almost non-existent.
VoIPo has a nice set of features and price but it doesn’t support unlimited calls to Canada. When it comes to features and price, PhonePower is not a bad choice since you just have to pay $8.33 a month, almost as close to AxVoice. The problem is, you have to pre-pay for either a year or two and if you don’t, you end up bearing a heavy monthly price. If you can’t afford to pre-pay, then PhonePower is not meant for you.
1-VoIP’s US and Canada Unlimited plan is an affordable one but you still have to pay $17.97 a month. The price compared to its features is a bit high. Similar providers like Lingo and eVoice offer all standard VoIP features but their pricing is high. ViaTalk has a reasonable price and its offering basic to advanced features but since there have been a lot of complaints regarding call quality, we wouldn’t recommend choosing it.
AXvoice, on the other hand, is offering all advanced VoIP features at the cheapest rate. There are extensive resources and guides on the website regarding the use of service and features. If you need the best value for money, AxVoice will not disappoint you. There’s also a 15-day money back guarantee policy too so if you come across any problem with the quality of service, you can immediately request for a refund.

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