Why go for VoIP phone systems?

Why go for VoIP phone systems?
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So, what are some of the attractive features that should benefit you, as a business? Here are the top 5 benefits of moving to a VoIP Telephony PBX PBA Doha Qatar:
1. Voicemail and call forwarding facility
If someone is not available, at any given point in time, this feature is essential. It allows the caller to record a message for the receiver so that they can be contacted later. The call forwarding feature allows employees to receive phone calls from any location, even if they are not at their home office or wherever they have set up their offices while working from home.
2. Do Not Disturb feature
This is especially important if you are a business who frequently deals with clients. It is essential while attending a call from your client to remain uninterrupted. The DND feature allows the transfer of other calls to voicemail or an available employee so that you do not get interrupted while communicating with your client.
3. Conferencing and Content Sharing
This feature is one that is available in some of the best VoIP systems. It not only allows the conducting of remote meetings, with the facility of adding additional participants as well as sharing of important files such as presentations, minutes of the meeting, sharing calendars, and access to desktops.
4. Call Recording
Many businesses, such as those providing customer support, require this feature, to track customer satisfaction and queries. This can easily be done with a simple click and is also a feature available in the best VoIP systems.
5. Auto Attendant
This feature is essential for businesses if they want to expand their customer support, as it allows you to set up different customer support numbers in different areas, and customers would be given a menu to select the specific department they need to communicate with.

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