Why You Need a VoIP Home Phone

Why You Need a VoIP Home Phone
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Switching to VoIP technology is perhaps one of the best decisions youíll ever make. Though we still offer other features that you can find in traditional landline phones, our VoIP features are far more advanced and beneficial as compared to the capabilities of your cell phone or the plain traditional telephone service that you use at home. Whether youíre living in a small house or a big apartment, you deserve an efficient phone system with advanced features that your cell phone or landline service provider cannot offer.
Here are the major advantages of using a residential VoIP provider:
Cheaper Than Traditional Landline Phone
Keeping a traditional landline means paying more for your calls because you need to pay for the equipment, call costs, manpower and maintenance. Basically, VoIP is cheaper than landline because it relies on your existing broadband internet connection, no need to purchase additional software or equipment.
Monster VoIP can definitely cut your phone bills by an average of 60% per month. The standard VoIP features include free calling features such as call forwarding, voicemail, call waiting and more. Integrating such cutting-edge features in one network promotes efficiency and productivity not only in businesses but for residential users who want to upgrade the way they communicate at a reasonable cost.
Manpower and maintenance are some of the things that make traditional landline phones costly. With VoIP technology, it’s no longer necessary to hire maintenance staff for you to continue experiencing voice quality calls and services.
And what’s interesting with VoIP is you can even make unlimited calls internationally. You can experience free unlimited calling as long as you are calling within your network. Most residential and business VoIP providers offer cheap international calls depending on your payment plans. Indeed, VoIP technology can easily replace cellphones or home landlines.

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