yeskamo wireless cctv system Doha Qatar كاميرات مراقبة قطر

yeskamo wireless cctv system Doha Qatar كاميرات مراقبة قطر
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Any DVR/NVR that’s bought from our securityCCTV Qatarking includes a default set of 4 consumer accounts. 2 of them are admin accounts and another two would be the guest accounts. Both are quite limited and are utilised to limit the accessibility of your guest with what they can see or use. The other two admin accounts are the essential ones. The 888888 accounts is for local use only and the admin account is the main account as it can be used to get the DVR/NVR in any way you prefer and make changes as you desire. Those capacities make this account very important and also extremely important to protect. When we assessed the user account, we discovered a fifth accounts, system account. The title has nothing to do with your system and it’s implemented to conceal the actual objective of this account that is to obtain administrative privileges to your system. We began to research on how this accounts could have goten there and found that all of the users that got hacked via this method had something in common. They have been using the default password admin to the admin account, and it is a breach of the most elementary security protocols in almost any computer system. The solution for this security violation is simple! Delete the fifth accounts, called system and change your password to the admin account from admin to your preferred password. Do not forget that your password can’t exceed 6 characters in our systems. Dont forget also to change the password on all of the devices you’re using to get this DVR/NVR system.

Byte 8 bits

This Network IP system can transfer the video and power to and from the every CCTV Qatar on a single cat5 cable using the built-in POE switch.

Todays hackers have the capability to hack any system which surrounds us. Every day new malicious programs are devised and they become more aggressive and dangerous. Since any gadget or device can’t work without human variable the easiest safe way we could protect ourselves is to restrict the access to our apparatus by following some simple safety rules.

A bullet CCTV Qatar is a frequent design and the most flexible choice for many setup scenarios. The CCTV Qatar is attached to an armature which makes it quite easy to mount and point whatsoever.

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